(60 & 90 minutes)

Bikram yoga consists of 26 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayamas), practiced in a hot room. Bikram is suitable for students of all levels. The heat is used to warm your muscles, prevent injury, allow a deeper workout, and cleanse the body by flushing toxins. It is both therapeutic and challenging, created for maintaining excellent health and fitness, reducing stress, losing weight, limiting the effects of aging, preventing illness, and reducing the symptoms of injuries.

*BIK 60 and BIK 90 on the class schedule.


(60 minutes)

Vinyasa, or flow as it is sometimes called, is a breath-synchronized series of poses that emphasize hip openers, arm strengthening, and core work. The movements flow smoothly, helping to build internal heat and offering physical and mental benefits. Temperatures are slightly lower than in a Bikram class, but still hot (approximately 95 degrees). It's an excellent workout designed to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and relieve stress.

*VIN 60 on the class schedule.

Vinyasa w/Music

(60 minutes)

A vinyasa class set to music to compliment the practice. Temperatures are slightly lower in this class but still hot (approximately 95 degrees).

*VIN 60 on the class schedule.


(Bikram 60 minutes) 

Come join our donation class - at 12:00 noon on Saturdays - benefiting CHLA's (Children's Hospital Los Angeles) Institute for Developing Mind and their research on autism and neurodevelopment. There is a $10 minimum donation for this class -- CASH ONLY; no class packages, credit cards, or checks will be accepted. It’s a great deal for a great cause!

DON 60 on the class schedule.


The various styles are wonderful compliments to each other. No matter which style you choose, we believe you will feel the benefits beginning with your very first class, and that the rewards of a regular practice are exponential.

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